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From Flight-A to the ACC

September 20th, 2016 in Football, News, Schools, Website, William Penn

Zach Burton William Penn QB/DB – Week 2 Entry

With week two now behind us, it’s time to focus on A.I. DuPont.  The St. Georges game was a hard fought game that we should of taken care of sooner.  However, the Middletown game wasn’t our best performance.  I’m proud of my team though, we kept our composure and stayed in the game throughout adversity.  The final score doesn’t always tell the tale of the contest.  This week we are going to need total focus and effort at practice.  I feel that if we get back on track versus the Tigers we’ll have a very good chance of defending the Blue Hen Conference title this year.

Now speaking about the school aspect of things, it’s going pretty well. I’m proud that I’m taking everything seriously and staying on top of my work.  I can’t believe that this is my last year at Penn, already.  It seems like just yesterday I walked through the doors as a freshman.  I’m sure my time at The University of Virginia will go just as fast.  Along with me being more motivated, I feel as if I have the support of all of my teachers.  I’m ready to see what this year brings, academically and athletically.

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